echoes of a song: can you hear it?, Luís G. Rodrigues

Texto de Luís G. Rodrigues. Revisão de Tomás Vicente Ferreira. Imagem: Young Man Sleeping, William Dobell, 1935: Artnet.

echoes of a song: can you hear it?

the song that echoed in my sleep
was that of our pianos.
bizarre: i don’t play the piano
and i have no idea if you can play the piano.
i´m not even aware of you – oh, you.
assuming that you will someday come to me,
i shall try to look at you
the same way a little kid looks
at the tall green trees
that seem to be a part of the blue canvas
over our heads
so I can admire all that composes your body
and – perhaps – the song
that you`ll play for me
if you can indeed play the piano.

if by any chance you dream of a peculiar poem
written by a void in your sleep
try to remember if these words resemble
any of it
so that the void may be named.
can you hear it?