Poemas, Rafaela Lopes

Textos de Rafaela Lopes. Revisão de João N.S. Almeida.


There is a soft roundness in the burrow
Once in a while, something stirs its attention
Its ears perking from its previously relaxed position
Nose twitching as a sweet scent fills the air

And suddenly, all becomes blurred
Thump, thump, thump
Deft paws gaily jumping
Small heartbeats quickening

And the rabbit stops,
Flopping contentedly to its side
It lies without a care in the world


Citrusy goodness
Staining my fingers
Covered with stickiness
A bitter pang lingers

Stripped off your skin
Down to the flesh
You drip down my chin
So juicy and fresh

My tongue finds its way
So eager and keen
I could spend the whole day
Eating tangerine


There is a small kitchen
Dim as the last remains of sunlight crawl in
Through the small window
To try to kiss the things that are human
One last time before the dark

The smell of toasted bread fills the air
And I rejoice when I see the yellow sugar
So kindly at my disposal
So sweetly grabbing at my heart
And twisting it in my chest

Voices can be heard from the television
But no one pays them any mind

Because our voices matter most
As we try to hold onto the present moments
Which are so, so far away

It has been a long time


I am a strawberry
blushing and flushing
ruddy and chubby

soaking up the summer sun
until I’m not
as you sink teeth into me
or let me rot