I miss you, stranger, Tiho S.

Image: A public domain image.

Prose poem by Tiho S. Proof-read by Tomás Ferreira.

Time passes, and I haven’t found you yet.  Forgive me.  I hate to look in the mirror and admit it.  Where are you?  Who are you?  What city are you in?  On which continent?  Would a place where you are, be exotic to my eyes?  What are you doing right now?  Does loneliness hurt?  Do you write with your left or right hand?  What’s your favorite color?  Favorite song?  I want to know everything.  Tell me.  Find me. Search for me. Are you trying as unsuccessfully as I am? I only want to dream of you one night.  To meet with you somewhere between the worlds so that you can tell me where you are.  I would take the first plane and fly to you.  I don’t want to think differently and believe that you may not even be real. Wait for me.