The violence is us, Tiho S.

Image: Collage by Laura Redburn. Source: Flickr.

Short text by Tiho S.

There is a special type of violence that is not talked about enough and which, unfortunately, is often not seen as a form of violence but as a completely normal thing. Any kind of violence by other people is one thing. One bad thing. But the real essential violence is what we do to ourselves. I don’t necessarily mean suicide or self-harm, but those “small” things in life that actually become our life style. With such violence, we slowly take away our light every day and die prematurely. We steal so much from ourselves and throw the valuables in the trash. Time goes by irreversibly, and we just lie, take moments for silence instead of for love, truth, fun. The words we swallow, the incompatible society we endure and tolerate, we keep silent to make others happy, the small talk we do, the things we do by force, the secrets we keep, the poisoning of the inner being that we carry out, is seemingly small but effective every single day; cruel, selfish and rude beliefs and justifications for other people . That is real tyranny! The one we do alone over our own souls because we are afraid. We live but not with full lungs, but we constantly hold our breath. We are actually not even living. It is just called existing. I am convinced that fear and jealousy are the biggest motives of evil. Fear of living, of making mistakes, of condemnation; and then when you respect everything that others asked for because they thought it was you, you no longer know who you are, so you are jealous of those who were not afraid to do those things, so you think you have the right to judge them for it. Well, surprise! You don’t have that right! You gave up that right every time you gave up being who you are. You weren’t actually even born as a judge, plus you have a blurred mind full of hatred (first towards yourself and then towards others) that doesn’t see reality but the lie in which it lives. You think you are judging fairly, and in fact you judged yourself the moment you gave yourself the right to judge others! We will all be judged equally. And let’s clear one thing up: when it comes to the violence mentioned above, 99% of the time you are not a victim of others. You are a victim of yourself and your own inner tyranny!