“Suicide Assistance”, Tiho S.

Image: Le Suicidé (c. 1877), by Édouard Manet, oil on canvas, 38x46cm

Short text by Tiho S.

The fact that we currently live in a society where there are more and more suicides – saddens me. It mostly happens to young people, transgender people, gay people, depressed people, etc. I constantly hear some allegedly smart delinquents look back at the selfishness of people who take their own life because they are not only destroying their own lives but the lives of their family and friends. But what if that particular person has no friends and the family rejects them? Well, this is what I call “suicide assistance.” Indirect, but still, assistance! Such a person needs a nice and gentle word, love and compassion. But, most frequently, the last words that such person hears are: you faggot, you are crazy, get out of the house, etc. That eventually leads them to that horrible act. Later, people wonder how that was possible and they blame the ones that suffered the most. Well, it is as simple as that: we kill our own children with our ignorance. Huge evil comes out of its lair when someone is unable to put themselves in someone else’s shoes. One single nice and honest word can save someone’s life. So, whoever is reading this, please, never be an indirect assistant to a suicide. Do not judge. We will all be judged one day, apparently. Just not by you or any of us. So help others, extend your hand and say: I understand you. I accept you. I want to help you. I’m here.